Facebook Added $200M in Deep Pockets

facebook_zuckerbergDigital Sky Technologies, a Russian investment firm for internet and technology, has invested $200 million in the leading social networking site Facebook in return for around 2% stake.

The $5 Billion estimated value Facebook website has accept this investment while their no need for money, else but “it will help serve as a cash buffer to support our continued growth, allowing us to scale” as Zuckerberg, facebook co-founder, said.

Zuckerberg added: “Its revenue is growing 70 percent year over year. The company would be able to run its operations from cash flow in 2010, even without the additional capital.”

Zuckerberg explained that it has accept funding from Digital Sky Technologies because it stood out by their global perspective they bring – backed up by the impressive growth and financial achievements of their internet investments.

Who is Digital Sky Technologies then?

Digital Sky Technologies is a prominent Internet investor in Russia and Eastern Europe, where it owns stakes in Web companies that account for 70 percent of all page views on the Russian-speaking Internet, according to the firm claim. Its portfolio companies include two large social networks, Forticom and vKontakte, and a Russian Web portal, Mail.ru.

Digital Sky Technologies will be able to help Facebook, which business model is based on ad space sales, figure out new ways to make money outside the United States. Also, they have various business models, such as collecting micro-payments from users and selling virtual goods.

You can get to know more about Digital Sky Technologies by visiting their website http://dst-global.com/

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