The 5th Annual Conference on Technology Commercialization in Amman

Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship has recently commenced the 5th Annual Conference on Technology Commercialization which was held under the patronage of HRH Princess Sumaya Bint El-Hassan during the 14th Jordan Scientific Week (May 3rd – 6th, 2009). Mr.Robert Ayan, the strategic expert at El-Hassan Science City, opened and attended the conference on her Royal Highness’ behalf.

The conference, titled Systematic Innovation in Business and Technology, came as part of QRCEs ongoing efforts to emphasize the importance of creativity and innovation in generating intellectual property (IP) and developing patent commercialization.

The event focused on how to generate patents through systematic innovation in the technology and business domain, it also highlighted the TRIZ approach (Theory of Solving Inventive Problem); which has been recognized as means of generating innovations worldwide for over 50 years in a knowledge – based manner, especially by leading companies that apply this theory to solve management, marketing, and production problems.

TRIZ is considered to be a methodology which helps accelerate the innovation process by offering a set of tools and techniques required for systematic situation analysis, problem solving and developing new ideas in the course of combining the process of systems thinking with creativity.

During the opening session, Mr. Mohammad Khawaja, vice President of QRCE, stressed the importance of systematic innovation and its positive impact on the innovation process, which enhances the competitive qualities of companies in the private sector by developing products and unique innovative services that meet the ever growing market demand.

Commenting on the event, Mr.Robert Ayan said:” Creativity is a key factor by which knowledge –based national economy is established. It is fundamental to attaining sustainable development.”

The inaugural session also included a keynote speech by Mr. Valeri Souchkov from Netherlands, who discussed some of the most prominent international experiments in problem solving by using systematic innovation and its positive effects on profits and economic growth.

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