Top 20 Twitterati in the MENA Region

We have released the top 20 twitterati, the Tweet elite, whose feeds attract thousands of followers and whose 140-character spews capture the attention of the rapt who doggedly monitor them. This short-list is exclusive to tweeple residing in the Middle East and North African countries as mentioned in their respective profiles.

This short-list is establish to generate interest and not for final judgement on any of the below twitterati.

The list is comprehensive filtration and engagement to country list found on and added few key conditions:

1. The Twitterati is not a brand or blog name

2. The Twitterati reveals his full name on Username or Profile Name fields.

3. The Twitterati does not promote racism, extremism, or scam.

4. If two or more Twitterati grades are equal to one another, the number of follower will be re-considered

5. uses fraction numbers which we may not see and again this is not an official list

Rank Name Twitter account Bio on twitter from
01 roger-byrne1 Roger Byrne @styletime Social Media and Design, sharing inspiration, originally from England now in Egypt! Work with the cool Envato crew! Egypt
02 joi-ito1 Joi Ito @joi excited and at large Dubai, UAE
03 baher-al-hakim Baher Al Hakim @drbaher Dentist turned Web Entrepreneur, Master Chief of CloudAppers, all about web apps and social media. Fascinated by technology, human behavior, and science Dubai, UAE
04 dina-sabnani Dina Sabnani @divine_dee An old soul with a young heart. Striving to be a light to shine in dark corners. An angel with a crooked halo resting on my horns *sweet smile* Dubai, UAE
05 default Stephanie TS. @missgoogle An ex-art director & information architect turned experience planner… Digging as deep as possible into web 2.0 to make a statement. Eventually. Dubai, UAE
06 esperanca Esperanca @esperanca paradoxical contrarian. ex-serial blogger. jaded scribe. bibliophile. chowhound. design-buff. wanderluster. reverie artist. lapsed oniomaniac. Dubai, UAE
07 mohamed-farouk Mohamed Farouk @dailytrip Egyptian Blogger with passion for blogging,and also SEO expert with over two years of experience. Add me and I will add you back. Egypt
08 wael-abbas Wael Abbas @waelabbas Journalist and Blogger Cairo, Egypt
09 dan-stuart Dan Stuart @danstuart serial online adventurer; head of strategic initiatives at; looking for opportunities around every corner Dubai, UAE
10 alex-griffiths Alex Griffiths @ajag Brit Internet Entrepreneur and Web addict. Interested in Digital Strategy, Social Media, Online PR, Start-ups, Current Affairs, F1 and Financial Markets. Dubai, UAE
11 ahmed-naguib Ahmed Naguib @ahmednaguib I’m an Egyptian Blogger/Designer/Movie addict….who just want to make friends and enjoy life Cairo, Egypt
12 julie-lindsay Julie Lindsay @Julielindsay Hello! I am Head of IT at Qatar Academy, Doha, moving to BISS next year. Co-founder Flat Classroom Projects. Love Web 2.0 and learning Qatar
13 jabiz-raisdana Jabiz Raisdana @intrepidteacher Teacher, learner, proud dad, bleeding heart, music, film addict. I want to share as much as I can with as many people as I can as often as I can. Qatar
14 omar-abid Omar Abid @omarabid I’m a gamer. My game is simple. If I loose I die. So I still the winner. Tunisia
15 daryl-mather Daryl Mather @consultingpulse Consultant helping others make more money and be more productive Dubai, UAE
16 ashraf-ghori Ashraf Ghori @ashrafghori Comic Artist / CG FilmMaker, Director for upcoming CG SciFi Film from Dubai, Xero Error. Regular on Facebook and friend to all! Dubai, UAE
17 binmugahid binmugahid @binmugahid Novelist Yeah Right Economist and programmer. And Yes, Erlang is better. But Objective C makes iPhone Applications. Sudan
18 mohamad-marwen-meddah Moh’d Marwen Meddah @mmm Manager, Editor of StartUpArabia, Photographer, Blogger, Entrepreneur and best of all Father. Dubai, UAE
19 rami_kantari Rami Kantari @ramikantari Meirc Consultant, Speaker based in Dubai, training courses, executive training, training, management training, sales training, Dubai, UAE
20 mohamed-nanabhay Mohamed Nanabhay @mohamed Head of New Media, Al Jazeera Qatar

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Tarek is the founder and chief researcher at Youngberry, a youth research and marketing firm dedicated to the region. Tarek founded and previously worked as Manager at Flip Media (Interactive Agency), (Job Site) and Consulting House Qatar (Consulting firm). He is researcher and writer on internet & disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, and youth culture.


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