Folowen Released in Public Beta + New Features Added

folowenfolowen is a social media search tool that aggregates social profiles of people and organization’s on several social media sites into one search result is now released in public beta.

folowen is a very simple search tool to use, simply use the search box on the front page and enter the name of the person or organization you are looking for. A search result page will be displayed containing all the social profiles links they have found for your search query across the 20 social networking sites they are currently supporting. Each link will open the profile in a separate browser tab for you to view and connect to that person directly from that service. In addition, for some of the services you will be able to follow/connect with people/organizations in your search results directly from folowen.

Folowen supports the following sites (or you may suggest):

For a person, always try to use their full name, like Abed Al Qader Kassar rather than Abed- Kassar alone to get the same person you are looking for or if you know a nickname they always use as their username, you can use that as well to get the right result.

For an organization, always try to use the full name, like Emirates Airlines rather than Emirates alone to get the same organization you are looking for.

Some of the new services added from the closed beta stage are:

First, the sign-up is not any more by invitation.

Second, you can search for profiles without the need to be logged in.

Third, is that you can identify if the profile you are quering for is connected to you on twitter, youtube, friendfeed, and facebook; if not, you can add them instantly (which I think it’s cool) except for Facebook which it’s own API doesn’t allow so.

Happy folowen

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