UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Are The Most Connected Countries in the Arab World!

 UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Are The Most Connected Countries in the Arab World!

2054206709_fcc589776f UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Are The Most Connected Countries in the Arab World! The annual results of Arab Advisors Group’s Total Country Connectivity Measure (TCCM) reveal substantial –mostly cellular service driven- improvements in overall scores. The Arab broadband Internet markets also registered very positive growth.

The United Arab Emirates is the most connected country in the Arab World according to the Arab Advisors Group’s annually released Total Country Connectivity Measure (TCCM); Bahrain and Saudi Arabia followed in second and third ranks respectively. The Arab Advisors Group calculates its Total Country Connectivity Measure (TCCM) by adding the household mainlines penetration, cellular penetration, and Internet users’ penetration rates in each country. The household mainlines penetration is measured by dividing the residential mainlines by the number of households in each country.

The TCCM shows the extent of connectivity of individuals in a certain country whether via fixed lines, cellular lines and/or Internet. Of course, there will be an overlap since many individuals will be using these three communications technologies at the same time. However Arab Advisors Group’s believes the measure still yields an accurate and informative picture on the level of ICT services penetration in each country.

The Total Country Connectivity Measure results for 2009 revealed that UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia still dominate the top three spots as the highest adopters of telecommunication services, with values of 321%, 249% and 248% respectively. The results for the rest of the Arab World came as follows: Qatar (205%), Libya (199%), Kuwait (184%), Oman (170%), Algeria (141%), Jordan (141%), Syria (129%), Egypt (128%), Tunisia (128%), Morocco (127%), Lebanon (125%), Iraq (100%), Palestine (95%), Mauritania (74%), Yemen (55%) and in last place Sudan with a TCCM value of 34%.

Why I think Algeria, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine have the lowest connectivity rank?
Well as for Jordan Algeria, Lebanon, and Syria Internet penetration is not high because the monthly fees are more expensive than a much higher income countries such USA.

As for Mobile, Lebanon calling rates are one of the most expensive in the region, as for Iraq, the US invasion made around 70% of its people unemployed not to mention the millions of orphans and widows, so people in Iraq would be more worried about finding food than connecting to the Internet, tweeting or using a mobile phone.

However, Andrawes Snobar, Arab Advisors’ Research Manager wrote in the report. “Only four out of the nineteen countries covered in this year’s study have a total country connectivity measure that exceeds a 200%. This indicates a substantial potential for more growth in most Arab markets, especially in the under penetrated Internet markets.”

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