UAE Tweets, A Twitter Lens On The UAE

UAE TweetsAmong the Arab countries, the UAE has to be the top country in Twitter usage so far, with more and more users getting on board every day, it becoming a source for instant information and news about what’s going on in the country, and with several events being organized around and through it.

To make it easier to follow tweets coming from users in the UAE, the team at CloudAppers have gone on and released a new site called UAE Tweets, which is a UAE twitter aggregator.

According to their description: UAE tweets is a twitter lens on the UAE, to provide a quick view of the UAE community pulse, and what’s on their minds at any given moment.

For their tweets to be aggregated on UAE Tweets, all UAE Twitter users have to do is follow the user @UAETweets on Twitter. It currently displays that it is following 391 UAE Twitter users and indexing their tweets.

An important feature is that the top 10 trending topics being discussed by Twitter users in the UAE are listed, and by clicking on any of them lead to the search results showing what is being said about these topics by UAE users. The service’s built in search engine also enables searching for other terms and topics being mentioned by UAE users.

UAE Tweets

Other than the users’ tweets, UAE Tweets also provides sections with the latest links being shared by users, as well as the most popular of those links.

The site’s design is really nice and simplistic, following the same design patterns as the Twitter interface, and making it straightforward to use.

UAE Tweets is still a work in progress according to CloudAppers’ founder Baher Al Hakim (@DrBaher).

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