AppJudgment Reviews AlJazeera English iPhone App [video]

aljazeera_english_iphoneAppJudgment, part of Revision3 internet TV, is a reliable source for iPhone, Android and any smartphone app reviews. Episode 7 was revealed reviewing Aljazeera English iPhone App.

Al-Jazeera English Live provides an compelling service for all of you news-addicted iPhone users: a live, 24/7 feed of the network’s English language channel, which is available online only in the United States. Developed by Livestation Limited, Al-Jazeera English Live is also one of the few apps currently available that streams television content live to the iPhone. Annie Gaus demonstrates the app for you and breaks down the hits and misses.

You can view the details of the review in the video player below or you can watch it over here:

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