Exclusive Video Interview With Keith Nillsson VP Yahoo & Samih Toukan Co-Founder Maktoob.

By Arab Crunch

 Exclusive Video Interview With Keith Nillsson VP Yahoo & Samih Toukan Co Founder Maktoob.

Yesterday, the second day after the biggest news in the Arab Internet world since ever –Yahoo! Acquisition of Maktoob– I had the chance to record a video Interview with Keith Nillsson Senior Vice President International Emerging Markets Yahoo and Samih Toukan Co-Founder of Maktoob, now Director of Jabbar.

The 15 minutes interview covers topic ranging from, future plans for Yahoo Middle East, where Yahoo| Maktoob R&D will be done.? The relationship between Jabbar (The new company that used to be named Maktoob Group) and Yahoo.

One important point is that Kalimat the Pay-Per-Click contextual advertising system that runs on Araby.com will not only be running on iKoo network of publishers that serves 1.4 billion monthly impressions to over 39 million unique users, but also on Yahoo Middle East that has 20 Million on Yahoo, 16 million on Maktoob (There must be some duplicated users) thus posing a serious challenge to Google’s Adwords in the region.

PS: I tried around 10 times to upload the Video since yesterday but failed, each session took me around 2 hours. If there is anyone to blame it is Orange Jordan’s’ ISP division that forces download limits. So I went to the mall and used Kulacom WIMMAX Internet services.

Here is the Video:
(This Video is shot using Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, hence the quality.)

Yahoo |Maktoob: Interview with Keith Nillsson VP Yahoo and Samih Toukan, cofounder Maktoob ????? ? ???? ???? ?? from Gaith on Vimeo.

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