Yahoo Adds Mobile Applications for Flickr & Fantasy Football

Yahoo is extending its brand even further into the mobile channel with three new applications, including one for its popular photosharing site, Flickr.

Launching along with the Flickr iPhone application are BlackBerry and iPhone applications for Yahoo Fantasy Football. All of the applications are free to download.

The Flickr application allows users to upload, share and tag photos and videos while maintaining a presence in the Flickr community. Flickr also has a mobile site at

The new application allows users to take a photo on their iPhone and upload and tag it on the go. Also featured in the new application is the user’s photo stream where one can view their own photos and share them with friends via email.

Users can also view their contacts’ photos, comment them and mark them as favorites.

The Recent feature allows users to view current activity from their contacts.

Users can also search photos by subject, people and places. Location-based services allow users to geo-tag photos before uploading.

Yahoo’s Fantasy Football application is targeting the 30 million fantasy football users with its new iPhone and BlackBerry Bold, Tour and 8900 series applications. A mobile Web site is available at

On the new application users can directly manage their team, add and drop players, view matchups, standings and player stats, get live scoring and get news and advice.

It seems Yahoo is depending primarily on word of mouth to market the new applications, which were developed in hopes of extending the brands.

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