Youtube To become like Facebook

YouTube the most common place for everyone to share and enjoy videos with family and friends. Soon, it’ll be making it even easier for you to find people you know on the site. Youtube team says that they’ll start by launching a “You may know these people” suggestions box on the homepage over the next few weeks that shows you the YouTube channels of people who might be your acquaintances, and lets everyone easily connect and subscribe to them.

But the question is: How will they are going to make the suggestions? that what they answered also. If you’ve logged in to YouTube and sent a video to a friend’s email address, or if you have your YouTube account linked to a Gmail account, they will use this information to help identify your friends who already have YouTube channels. You’ll only see channels whose owners have allowed themselves to be found by others who have their email address.

Good note that basically you want to find out if you’ve previously allowed your channel to be found by others who have your email address, or want to change your settings? Just log in and visit the “Privacy” section of “My Account”. Look for the checkbox at the top that says “Let others find my channel on YouTube if they have my email address.”

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