BeryTech Launches a 100,000 USD Incubation Award

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 BeryTech Launches a 100,000 USD Incubation Award

berytech incubation webbanner2 BeryTech Launches a 100,000 USD Incubation Award This is the 3rd funding/grant story coming today from on AC, BeryTech an incubation that is based in Lebanon has launched its 100,000 Dollar incubation award 2009 for technology projects.

Winners of the projects will be selected by a committee of experts who will select projects based on the following merits: Technological and scientific quality, Creative aspect, Economic sustain ability and growth potential, Job creation potential,Target market and export potential
Motivation and implication of the candidate(s) and the quality of the team.

The Award obtained will allow entrepreneurs to take their idea from project to company phase, while benefiting from the following services of Berytech that includes, Business hosting including office space and furniture, Desktop facilities and consumables, i.e. telephone, fax, copiers, courier, etc, Computer equipment, Internet connection, web hosting, Coaching throughout the project development phase, Participation in communication and marketing events for the purpose of networking, Consultancy from experts appointed by Berytech, Entrepreneurial training and Access to funding

To submit an application entrepreneurs needs to download this app and send the form before November 30, 2009, winners will be announced in Decembers 2009, where they can start their operations inside the incubation in January 2010 ( BeryTech website says january 2009??)

The award website does not mention if entrepreneurs have to be from lebanon but it seems they need to relocate to the incubation facilities., But it does say that Berytech reserves the right to distribute the Awards to one or several projects, and the amount will depend on the merits and requirements of the projects.

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