Hyzonia A Self Service Adver-Gaming Startup

By Arab Crunch

 Hyzonia A Self Service Adver Gaming  Startup


Hyzonia is a new startup from Dubai, UAE that aims to simplify Game based banner advertising.

The startup offers “Adver-gaming As A Service” , a new concept that enables advertisers to use video games to advertise a product and run their ads  in adver-gaming network without the need to have special platforms, devices or complicated installations. However, when  I tried to create a test ad, the system failed to register me.

Unlike what is typical in the industry, Hyzonia charges per engagement or activity, when the audience get engaged with the ad. Hyzonia also offers advertisers real-time monitoring reports and stats. I was wondeing if Hyzonia has a network of publishers since I haven’t seen a list on their website.

(Update: Maryam Alimardani cofounder and CEO of Hyzonia told me that they have exlusive deal with NetAdvantage, the first advertsing network in the Arab world.)

Hyzona is self-funded with 11 employees. It  is founded by Maryam Alimardani, Reza Ayati, and Homam Hosseini who all happened to be from Iran.

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