Interesting video: Facebook, not what you think…
By Thought Pick

Beirut stumbled upon and forwarded this video to me a few days ago. It’s not a new video, but it does shed some light on some interesting facts about Facebook’s data collection and usage privacy policy – that we all agreed to upon signing up to their service. It also hints towards who’s really behind the curtains at Facebook Inc. – and it’s not Zuckerberg.

So, for our Saturday post, I’m sharing this video and would like to ask you: Why do we trust Facebook (Twitter, Myspace, and so on) and share so many personal details and secrets on their platform(s)? If something goes wrong, who’s to blame?

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Tarek is the founder and chief researcher at Youngberry, a youth research and marketing firm dedicated to the region. Tarek founded and previously worked as Manager at Flip Media (Interactive Agency), (Job Site) and Consulting House Qatar (Consulting firm). He is researcher and writer on internet & disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, and youth culture.