myYearBook Debuts New Toolbar for Search and Social Shopping

myyearbook-logomyYearbook, the best place to engage teens and one of the 40 most-trafficked sites in the United States, today announced the debut of the myYearbook Toolbar and Shopping Mall, products that extend the myYearbook experience beyond by providing members with ways to earn the site’s popular virtual currency, Lunch Money, wherever they are on the web. The Toolbar provides easy access to new messages and friends online, and makes myYearbook one-click away for myYearbook’s 20 million members.

Developed in partnership with, a FreeCause, Inc. brand, the myYearbook Shopping Mall is a collection of over 1,800 top online retailers where members can earn virtual currency for spending real dollars. Shoppers will find all their favorite stores for clothes, shoes, electronics, flowers, food and gifts, health and beauty, jewelry, music, movies, games, travel and more. Exclusive coupons and deals are offered daily to help users save real money on their purchases, while also earning virtual rebates.

The Toolbar enables myYearbook members to earn up to $50,000 Lunch Money each day by searching the web.

myYearbook members can then spend their earned Lunch Money on myYearbook on virtual gifts for friends and in many of the site’s social games, like Causes, Blind Date, Owned! and Battles.

By adding the myYearbook Toolbar, members can keep up with their myYearbook friends in several ways:

  • Real-time updates when myYearbook friends log in
  • Notification and preview of new messages
  • Up-to-the-minute Lunch Money balance
  • One-click, auto-login access to myYearbook

“The myYearbook Toolbar allows our members to stay tapped into the Lunch Money economy on every site they visit,” said Geoff Cook, CEO of myYearbook. “Lunch Money is tremendously important to our members. By providing both valuable new ways of accessing myYearbook and enhanced Lunch Money earning capability, the Toolbar and Shopping Mall mark the latest step in our strategy to monetize Lunch Money. We believe monetizing search and shopping nicely complements our existing currency monetization efforts, which include a proprietary offers platform, an ecommerce engine, and a subscription product.”

“With an incredibly loyal user base and a high-value virtual currency, myYearbook is an ideal client for AppBar,” said Justin Holland, Co-Founder of FreeCause. “By offering its user base new and innovative ways to earn Lunch Money via the myYearbook Toolbar and Shopping Mall, myYearbook provides users the opportunity to earn the virtual currency they crave – while simultaneously driving revenues for the company through search and affiliate commissions. Leveraging front and center placement on Internet browsers, the myYearbook Toolbar will broadcast the myYearbook brand and enable users to engage with their community in revolutionary new ways.”

The free myYearbook Toolbar is now available for download at myYearbook members get a one-time $200,000 Lunch Money bonus for downloading the Toolbar.

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