Egypt Releases Mobile Phone Usage Ethics Code

apple_iphone_angledWithin the framework of the role and keenness of the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) and what is known by the Consumer Rights Protection Committee (CRPC), affiliated thereto, in guiding and raising the users’ awareness of various telecom issues, the issue of an Ethics Code is one of the most significant steps taken in this respect.

This Ethics Code aims to regulate the users’ behaviors on using mobile phones especially with the increasing and intense problems and irresponsible behavior of some users of mobile technology.

The terms of this Ethics Code are as follows:

  1. The mobile phone technology is considered one of the greatest technologies that emerged in the last few years to serve humanity, so do not ever use it to annoy or tease others.
  2. Don’t call others during their times of sleep or rest.
  3. Don’t get excited on receiving a wrong number and be more tolerant.
  4. Check the number before dialing it in order not to annoy any person.
  5. Don’t annoy others with your loud conversations in case you have a mobile phone’s loud speaker. Moreover, this offends the person you are talking to (on the mobile) as he does not know that others are hearing his conversation.
  6. Don’t use mobile phones with high technologies such as the photographic or video cameras to violate others’ privacy. Know for sure that making materials that concern any person available on the Internet or mobile phones without his knowledge or consent is considered an immoral act punished by law and condemned and rejected by religion and moral ethics.
  7. Avoid sending SMSs that include inappropriate words or indecent photos as you will be charged and accused legally for this.
  8. Don’t speak loudly on your mobile phones in public places such as hospitals, clinics or conference halls, etc.
  9. Switch off your mobile phone in places of worship, lecture and examination rooms, cinemas, theatres, etc.
  10. Switch off your mobile phone in hospitals especially in ICUs lest any potential wave interference occurs.
  11. Choose a non-annoying ringtone for your mobile phone. Always remember that ringtones aim mainly to make the mobile user know that he has got a call.
  12. Don’t use your mobile phone while driving as this will expose you to huge dangers and it is illegal.
  13. Use your mobile phone to report something or receive important information.
  14. Beware of dealing with the companies that defraud people concerning certain ringtones or applications for their mobile phones. You should deal only with trustworthy companies.
  15. Don’t respond to text messages or calls you receive from unknown numbers or sources because most probably they aim to swindle on you.
  16. On receiving a text message, verify the information mentioned in it before circulating it in order not to take part in the circulation and propagation of rumors or unverified information.

Will we see any similar Code of Ethics for UAE and rest of the Arab World? What do you think?

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