Numa Numa, Dancing Matt, Chris Crocker… Where Are They Now?
By Thought Pick

A meme, what once meant the inheritance of cultural genes is now synonymous with the LOLZ. Have you ever wondered what contributions those moments of genius provided to the human race? They have given us the Tron Guy, Bubb Rubb and “he who shall not be named !” which have provided us with innumerous countless hours of face exercising that help vend off wrinkles and burn calories as well. As all celebrities should be treated we should keep up with them and put them on a pedestal, so we at the Thoughtpick blog wanted to do our part after wondering “Where are they now?”

Numa Numa Dance

[31 million Youtube views]

You remember this one don’t you, he’s one of the first Newsground stars, and he was the first to introduce us to Romanian pop singing and made us contemplate the possibility that Jabba The Hut is actually human. Well after doing commercials for Gecko and collaborating with the original Romanian band on their later releases, Gary Brolsma is certainly capitalizing on his webfame. He released his first album late last year and is working on creating the first user generated Superbowl commercial.

Lonely Girl 15

[17 million Youtube channel views]

Do you remember that lonely 16 year-old girl who was talking about teenage angst, and how her parents don’t understand her, and how millions of people would tune in to check up on her before the story got all twisted? Well just in case you didn’t know, IT’S A HOAX! Jessica Rose aka Bree aka LG15 was a 20 year-old New Zealand-American actress whose career took off after her Youtube fame and became the go to girl for anyone wanting actresses for a web video, going on to act in Blood Cell, Sorority Forever and many other web series. Later on, she partnered with one of her co-stars to create Webutantes, a company that produces women-driven web series.

Dancing Matt

[23 million Youtube views]

You can’t possibly watch this video and not smile. It all started in 2003 when Matt was in Vietnam with his travel companion who while videotaping him he suggested that he does his signature dance, so he did and the rest is webistry!

Matt went on to produce 2 more videos and was featured on several TV shows including the daily show, and Ellen DeGeneres and even gave  university lectures on the subject. Originally, Matt is a video game developer and after going viral he was hired by VISA to star in their “travel happy” campaign.

Star Wars Kid

[14 million Youtube views]

Ghyslain Raza a fourteen-year-old French Canadian high school student filmed himself wielding a golf ball retriever like a light-saber. This video clip was found by some of his classmates and shared online through Kazaa. The student was taunted and criticized by his peers, eventually leading to a lawsuit and a settlement. The video was one of the most popular videos on the Internet in 2003 but currently there is little to no news of what happened to Raza.

Chris Crocker

[27 million Youtube views]

“Leave Britney Alone!”, with those cries Chris Crocker besieged the media to leave his idol and encourage her on her come back. A cry that resonated with many and inspired a legion of copy cats, the latest of which was Jason Jones of The Daily Show fame crying out “Leave Sarah Pallin Alone!

He went on creating videos in hope that he would eventually get his own reality show – he already turned down an offer over concerns of censorship – and he is currently working on his next single, while appearing at different shows and commercials.

Techno Viking

[9 million Youtube views]

He doesn’t dance to the music the music dances to Techno viking. His origin and history is shrouded by myth and lore and no one really knows who he is or where he comes from, but one thing is for sure whenever there is a blue haired Techno dancing girl in peril, Techno viking always shows up to the rescue. And the Legend Lives on…

To sum up…

We owe it to the meme for wasting countless hours being amused by these people and things and keeping us sane during our working day, and to contribute to that end I have two bonuses for you:

Click this link to find more amusing meme’s that found mainstream adoration, and be sure to check the website as well. The second bonus is this amazing strip chronicling the Internet Memes, with a strong recommendation of checking out Ken-Lee.

So share with us your favorite meme, or if you hate them, we are an equal opportunity blog, vent your anger towards memes through the comments.

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