Site Inspection: Aswaaq Digital Experience Changes Your Mind

Website Owner: Aswaaq LLC

Content (19/25)
Usability  (17/25)
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The Aswaaq community center hosts a friendly and vibrant supermarket complimented by a range of quality shops and services at the heart of the community. Aswaaq, as a brand, has always caught my attention, outdoor advertising and billboards were everywhere around Dubai, so I’m always recognized at my shopping desire/need Aswaaq supermarkets. I have visited Aswaaq supermarket and I can feel the quality and vibrant factor. That’s until I reached the digital world of Aswaaq.

It’s disappointing that it hasn’t veered away from its rivals with its hip brand.

Regardless of the splash page, like it’s competitors, the homepage looks cluttered. Too many flashy boxes that you don’t know from where you want to start casting your eye. Starting with the homepage button that looks like a styling issue in the browser which then turned to be part of the design, to another point whereby zero call to action flash spotlight. There are couple of scenarios the visitor wants to look into such website: latest promotions, branch locations, new branches, and customer services, since we are talking about general visitor who would be the customer and not business partner.

At the homepage, I can see that there is a call-out that new branch has newly opened, but unfortunately, it doesnt take me through to get more details. The Latest Promotions teaser on the homepage opens in a new window and start loading a flip-style actual promotion magazine, which is quite interesting if we are in Germany with high internet speed. Back to the homepage, I can see Dakakeen which takes me to different total look-and-feel website under domain which shakes healthy user experience for a visitor on the website. Despite that there is supposed to be a teaser that invites visitor to see the branches location near him/her, I found different teaser “Wafa Reward/Loyalty Card” which is quite interesting that I never knew about it before, yet while visiting the related page, I found that the visitor would be requested to email rather than filling a form.

On the top main navigation, Find Us button is prominent, as it should be, this page listing clearly all their branches, head office, and upcoming branches to open. But it was missing two things: ability to view location map on the site rather than downloading it and view opening/closing hours, despite both, the content is useful.

Looking into other sections: Know Us, Services, and News, all were very informative and satisfactory, but definitely weren’t web content friendly. The Opportunity section helps visitor to fill in forms for job vacancies, business opportunities, and leasing opportunities, but I believe visitor would be under the impression that it’s career section page only.

The website has Arabic interface which is mirror to english in terms of content message, imagery, alignment and content updates. Another good aspect which we don’t see often is the compatibility with cross-browsers.

Therefore, the website will undoubtedly benefit the visitor with basic information, but nothing further to seek, view, or use in terms of integration with actual supermarket.

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