Youtube: 1 Billion Views Per Day

1bn_youtube_logo_doodleChad Hurley, CEO and Co-founder of the famous user-generated video platform YouTube has announced today that they have been serving well over a billion views a day.

After three years after the acquisition by Google, YouTube platform and business model continue to grow and evolve.  They have been working hard to keep up with the fast pace of technology to bring better quality; a full spectrum of choices and tools for users, partners and advertisers; and ways to make the YouTube experience your own anywhere, anytime.

Chad Hurley said in a blog post of YouTube official blog that they are committed to some basic principles that have since become fundamental tenets in the world of online video:

  • Speed matters: Videos should load and play back quickly.
  • Clip culture is here to stay: Short clips are voraciously consumed and perfect for watching a wide variety of content.
  • Open platforms open up possibility: Content creation isn’t our business; it’s yours. We wanted to create a place where anyone with a video camera, a computer, and an Internet connection could share their life, art, and voice with the world, and in many cases make a living from doing so.

Chad adds that this is great moment in their short history and they owe it all to YouTube users.

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Tarek is the founder and chief researcher at Youngberry, a youth research and marketing firm dedicated to the region. Tarek founded and previously worked as Manager at Flip Media (Interactive Agency), (Job Site) and Consulting House Qatar (Consulting firm). He is researcher and writer on internet & disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, and youth culture.