An Egyptian Start-up Gets Acquired By UAE Company


An Egyptian start-up founded in late 2008 that is based on a simple and smart Arabic service which aims to make the process of uploading files to the internet for sharing purposes and mirroring them on the most popular file uploading services a lot easier and faster gets acquired by UAE website development company. which was basically an idea of two young entrepreneurs (and brothers) Mahmoud and Ahmed H. Elmasoudy, search engine marketer and web developer respectively started in November last year under the name “Mrrha” which was derived from the word “Mirror” in English, Mrrha means in Arabic “Mirror it”. The word mirror is used to express the act of passing the files (Mirroring it) to more than one uploading site, as Mahmound explained it to us.

Since it’s unique service with no competition in Arab World, Creative Solutions, a Alain/UAE based website development company which is start-up as well got interested in the service and entered into negotiation with the brothers for three weeks until it was settled on Nov 8th, 2009. The amount of payment was disclosed to us.

The service allows users to upload a file and mirror it directly to seven popular uploading sites of choice, from a list of thirteen most famous ones, saving them time and effort, and cutting down by seven the necessary time to upload the file to all these services.

Mrrha depends on a parallel uploading mechanism to make this possible, which means that the file will be uploaded to Mrrha and sent to the other uploading sites at the same time, meaning that the user won’t have to wait until it’s uploaded to each site.

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