Arab Knowledge Report 2009: Towards Productive Intercommunication for Knowledge

By Arab Crunch

 Arab Knowledge Report 2009: Towards Productive Intercommunication for Knowledge

Arab knowledge report

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation has launched The Arab Knowledge Report 2009: Towards Productive Intercommunication for Knowledge during the Arab Strategy Forum. The report is the fruit of a collaborative effort between the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme/ Regional Bureau for Arab States.

It is the first of a projected series of reports that address the state of knowledge in the Arab Region. The ultimate aim is to analyse and identify opportunities and risks inherent in the acquisition, production, creation, and deployment of knowledge; a primary avenue for renaissance and human development.

Emphasising the triadic relationship among development, freedom, and knowledge, the Report views the upgrading of Arab knowledge performance as a gateway to reform the Arab development situation. In addition to calling for optimal deployment of the Arab knowledge repertoire, the report also stresses the importance of productive intercommunication with the accumulated global knowledge. Out of a belief in the right to knowledge and a conviction that its dissemination is a societal responsibility, the Report puts forward a general vision of future strategies and initiatives, including suggested mechanisms and foundations for action aimed at bridging the knowledge gap in the Arab region.

I skimmed quickly thorough the report which looked very rich with about 300 pages. It is inline with our motto at ArabCrunch “Towards a Technology Revolution in the Arab world.” As AC’s main mission from day one is to help Arab startups, which is a key pillar for a knowledge based economy in the Arab world, we also wrote before about this topic at the Macro level.

On a later posts I will discuss some of the points and findings highlighted by the report.

As for the topics of the Report. they are:

  • The Theoretical Framework: concepts and problematics of the knowledge society (Chapter 1)Arab Knowledge Performance Environments: expanding freedoms and building institutions (Chapter 2)
  • Education and the formation of knowledge capital (Chapter 3)
  • Information and Communications Technologies in the Arab Countries: the pillars and tools of knowledge (Chapter 4)
  • Arab research and innovation performance (Chapter 5)
  • Building the Knowledge Society in the Arab Nation: a vision and a plan (Chapter 6)

To view and download the Arab Knowledge Report 2009, click here

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