Launches Egyptian Flag Campaign

MASRAWYLOGO_bMasrawy website launched a campaign to keep the Egyptian flags waving throughout the country. This campaign comes as a continuation to the initiative for raising the Egyptian flags in the Egyptian cities and villages, which was witnessed prior to the last two qualifying matches for the World cup between Egypt and Algeria.

The call by stems from the site’s interest in reaping benefits from the spirit of nationalism, the unified stance of the people around the symbol of the nation and strong sense of belonging to Egypt which prevailed before both games.

LINKdotNET writes that people do not need to buy an expensive flag especially for that day, but they can just contribute by fixing a simple flag with their children using simple materials or even by coloring a white sheet of paper with the colors of the Egyptian flag.

The campaign is not only asking people to raise Egyptian flags on their houses, from their cars and in any other places but it is also calling Egyptians on making next Wednesday a day to prove their belonging and love for Egypt in a positive practical way.

The participation of each and every Egyptian in this positive act will show their love for our nation and sense of belonging. This participation can be through helping to keep the streets clean, keeping the traffic as organized as possible, or any other action within this frame.

LINKdotNET added in a press release that calls for this next Wednesday to be a day for Egypt… apart from what happened in Sudan to the Egyptian fans. Our aim is to tell the whole world that Egyptians are civilized and unified in their love for the country and we reflect this in a positive way.

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