Meet The Geek: Mohammad Basheer Talks About His Flagship


A casual interview unleashing a real geek lifestyle in Qatar.

What’s Your Name, Sir?

My Name is Muhammad Basheer Arnous.

What’s your name on twitter?

On twitter and social sites its smaller “mbaa”

How old are you?

23 years old.

When did the geekation started to rise?

When I was a kid, I used to go with my uncle to work in order to use his computer and it was my true temptation so learned a lot on computer skills as well as internet. But being on internet was a big thing for me, I think I felt that I will be a geek one day so I created email account on a service called “” when I was only 10 years old and of course no friends to send or receive an email from. Don’t know where is that email now.

Geek at work?

I work as Internet Analyst at New Media department in Al Jazeera Network, also work with a great team to provide new media tools and platforms for the biggest and leading news organization.

Geek after work?

You can say I’m geek after work because Mac is my playground where I usually try out new stuff, I love trying new apps. I also have another playground, tennis court. Off both playgrounds, I read books and train people on internet and technology.

What’s your flagship?

Let me raise Al Jazeera Talk flag, it’s the biggest citizen journalism website in the Arab World. I’m proud of it and I’m cooking other new exciting project as well; you’d be first to know.

Being in the Geekology of this age, what do you think of Google Wave?

I think it is a very important innovation which is going to move internet users behavior and interaction to a new level (also different) of real time experience, especially if it is used between work groups and I think developers are going to give users many creative applications. Anyways, Google Wave needs some time before going popular and useful for most users.

And another question would be: which major feature you see twitter is missing?

I can say languages and I think it is on the way; but guessing how funny the logo would look like in Arabic.

In your geekiness, what did you wish you have done?

A very big project of my own and I’m trying to achieve it in the near future.

Who is your geek freak?

I think Google Co-founders and Steve Jobs, they are enough to freak the whole technology world.

What’s your favorite app?

Things, Coda

Where is your favorite place you want to be outside of Apple world?

Sealine, a resort 30 minutes drive from Doha city.

If you weren’t geek, what would you be?

Can I say Pilot?

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