World’s Largest Muslim Lifestyle Network Adds Media Solutions For Brands


Muxlim Inc., the integrated media company running the world’s largest Muslim lifestyle network,, has launched a portfolio of integrated media solutions to help brands better understand, target and engage with the American Muslim consumer market. The announcement was made at the American Muslim Consumer Conference on October 31st at Rutgers University in New Jersey. The portfolio was launched in response to the growing importance of Muslim consumers to mainstream brands, with the buying power of American Muslims estimated at $170 billion and $1 trillion globally per year. During his speech, while on a visit to Cairo in June, President Barack Obama said “…nearly 7 million American Muslims who are in our country today enjoy incomes and educational levels that are higher than the American average.”1 Muxlim’s audience comes from over 3,500 cities across the US.

Muxlim Inc. is delivering the new services via partnerships with Dinar Standard, the US-based growth strategy and intelligence service provider, and Aito Technologies, the Finland-based behavioral data analysis specialist.

The alliances reflect the growing importance of the Muslim consumer market to mainstream brands and companies, as the size and scale of the market has expanded and evolved. Mohamed El-Fatatry, Muxlim CEO says: “Being at the forefront of the digital Muslim market, we have access to a wealth of data that can help brands and companies understand, engage and build brand loyalty within what is possibly the largest and most wealthy emerging global market”.

Muxlim Inc. is launching a number of new business support and advisory services, including Muslim lifestyle research and intelligence data solutions, delivered in partnership with Dinar Standard.

In addition, Muxlim Inc. is announcing online data gathering and graphical reporting services, delivered in partnership with Aito Technologies, providing Muxlim business customers with insights into brand opportunities and invaluable feedback on campaigns launched into the market.

Together the new services will enable brands to better understand, reach and engage with the still largely untapped American Muslim consumer market. They are being launched in response to increased customer demand and an identified gap in the market where no single gateway has been previously available.

Muxlim Inc. is an integrated media company based in Finland, offering a range of services that engage, communicate and access the Muslim consumer market. The company also runs the world’s largest Muslim lifestyle network, which provides lifestyle content across a number of categories such as news, entertainment, fashion, music and sports. Muxlim’s audience comes from over 3,500 cities across the US.

Mohamed El-Fatatry, founder and CEO of Muxlim Inc. explains: “Building on our competitive advantage in running the world’s largest Muslim lifestyle network,, we have responded to our customers’ needs by expanding our offering into insight, analysis and market intelligence. As Muxlim is at the forefront of the digital Muslim market enabling the distribution of interesting and useful Muslim lifestyle content to millions of people around the world, we have access to a wealth of data.”

In addition, Muxlim Inc. continues to strengthen its existing offering of advertising and social engagement delivery across its own properties in web and mobile, as well as media planning and buying in conjunction with specialist partners, across all media reaching Muslims around the world.

As a result of the expanded offering, Muxlim Inc. is in talks with Microsoft Oy, Wilson Sports, Brown Shoe Corporation, among other mainstream brands, keen to engage with this global market. El-Fatatry comments: “The emerging Muslim consumer market is based on personal lifestyles, which means that there are a lot of opportunities for mainstream brands to appeal to Muslims without making changes to their products. It is about their marketing messages, showing that as brands, they are interested in Muslims as consumers. ”

Furthermore, new content and media partnerships have been struck with more than 80 partners around the world, reinforcing’s position as the only major access point for Muslim lifestyle content, reaching tens of millions of people in 190 countries across multiple platforms.

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