Yahoo Messenger 10 Is Out of Beta

yahoo_messenger_logoYahoo team have officially taken the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger 10 out of beta and the general download is available from the Messenger site.

The latest version of Messenger adds a number of great features and enhancements. Here are the highlights:

  • Hi-quality video calling – This has to be my favorite. Incredible quality video calls to friends and family right in the IM window.
  • Yahoo Updates view of your contacts list – If your friends and family are sharing their status updates, you can view a live stream of what they’re up to on the ‘Y! Updates’ tab of the Messenger Window.
  • Yahoo! Messenger in your language – Messenger users using the U.S. version can now choose from 16 different languages. Just choose a new language from the sign-in screen when you start messenger.

You can download the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger here:

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