5 Easy Tips To Get Groups On Google Wave

google_wave_invitation_only_followersSome of you may have noticed that Google has started supporting for groups in Google Wave. Google Group is one of the very early stages functionality added to Google Wave. We saw its important to give you a quick explanation on how it works as shared by Google Wave.

Currently, you can add a Google Group to a wave, set permissions and then view and edit waves with that group. Unlike other group conversations, however, group waves will only show up in Google Wave, not in the Google Groups interface.

Here are the detailed steps for how to do it (If you already have a Google Group, you can jumpy immediately to Step 2):

Step 1: Create a Google Group
When creating a group, note that most of the settings of Google Groups are respected; for instance, if the group is set to allow anyone to view content, anyone may view that wave. You will have to add Google Wave users into your group with their username@gmail.com address. Under the ‘Appearance’ setting, chose an image that will help you identify your group in Google Wave. Learn more about how groups settings work with Google Wave.

Step 2: Add your new group into your contact list
Click the ‘+’ button in the lower right corner of the contacts panel, type in the name of the group (including @googlegroups.com) and hit ‘Submit’.

Step 3: Add the group to a wave
This works just like any of your other contacts.

Step 4: Find waves with your group
You can do this either by clicking on the group’s contact and then on the “Group Waves” button or by searching for “group:groupname@googlegroups.com”. If you’d like to create a quick shortcut to get to these, try saving your search!

Step 5: Follow group waves!
Google Wave has recently launched the ability to follow waves. You will not be automatically following group waves, so use the follow feature to make them appear in your inbox when they’re updated.

This is just the beginning for groups. In the future, you’ll have a groups option in your Navigation panel that will help you find and follow group waves.

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