Find Out How Apple Kicks Down Competitors and Kicks Up Performers

Apple product introduction today to the new revolutionary device doesn’t mean it’s just another gadget with Multi-Touch display to buy, there is a complete business model that works behind this product which makes things tougher on competitors and opens up a lot of opportunities for partners who are/can-be up to speed.

iPad, the new 0.700 kilograms slate-style tablet which will be available to purchase in market after 6-8 weeks (March) makes it very little on  competitors to change strategy and plans, and quite no-surprisingly the best time for partners to excel. Let’s see how each player in the market will be kicked.

Apple is Kicking Down:

Amazon Kindle: Released in late 2007 which displays mostly e-books and some other digital media. Amazon Kindle has no choice now else but to innovate on the existing product to offer advanced features as well as utilizes the existing user-base to showcase success.

Nook: An Android-powered e-book reader released in late 2009 which was launched with hype to kill Amazon Kindle with color touch screen and couple of additional features. Nook is way much better than Kindle (as the reviews say, as I haven’t tried it) but still appears way beyond for a tablet gadget option.

Modbook: A combination of Axioton’s hardware and software and real Apple MacBook that creates a powerful slate-style Mac tablet. The company has launched earlier this month it’s ModBook Pro which includes handwriting recognition software. Will people need it anymore?

The JooJoo: A tablet PC designed for web surfing, previously known as CrunchPad. This tablet has no additional features while it was aiming to be open-source project. Now, will it survive?

Sony PSP: This handy Sony PlayStation gadget will not be easy survival from the supplementary plan of various social gaming agencies who already/ will exploit the games on Apple App store aiming to utilize the bigger screen.

Print Publications: All print publications are on top of the list in case they don’t have existing/anticipated online revenue generating presence. The e-book will win on the shoulder of the book and so the news portals will win on the shoulder of the print newspapers and magazines. A tough game.

This list is very short one on devices and media companies that might lose their target audience for the new iPad.

Apple is Kicking Up:

Online Publishers & E-businesses: Since the iPad will allow users to browse the web, read and send emails and watch videos, people will tend more to replace the newspapers they carry daily with subscription to favorite newspaper online  while reading it through iPad from anywhere with Wi-Fi/3G coverage.

iTunes Store: This store will simple kick up as another device joins the play for people to download to.

App Store: Almost all of the 140,000 apps on App Store that works on iPhone and iPod Touch will be compatible with iPad. Additionally, App Store will witness an unprecedented increase in Application submissions.

iBook Store: this new Apple ibookstore will generate a library without much effort and can probably beat Amazon Kindle store in a year, because e-books are just anywhere and can be created easily by more people unlike music albums.

Online Social Gaming: Online social gaming agencies will become busier developing communities and customized games for big brands since the audience through Apple App Store will rise.

There are many other opportunities that a lot of entrepreneurs can take advantage of and excel. Do you have an idea that you think it will kick you up?

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Tarek is the founder and chief researcher at Youngberry, a youth research and marketing firm dedicated to the region. Tarek founded and previously worked as Manager at Flip Media (Interactive Agency), (Job Site) and Consulting House Qatar (Consulting firm). He is researcher and writer on internet & disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, and youth culture.