Ahmadinejad: You can shop online but not tweeting

With nearly half of the population penetrates the worldwide web which represents 32,000,000 users, there should be at least one thing Iranian can do online if not tweeting or socializing on Facebook. The UK newspaper guardian exposed the new launch of the first online supermarket which is probably one of the rare activities you can do in the Iranian cyberspace: e-shopping; because tweeting and socializing on facebook has been banned in Iran for national security purposes.

Meydoonak.com which offers more than 2,500 grocery and household shopping items at competitive prices. The supermarket will initially cover Tehran for distribution and operates from 8am till 12:00 pm and for 6 days a week, as Friday is an Islamic day off.

The guardian mentions that the supermarket has been launched by the Rouyesh Technical Centre, a group linked to a state-run body, Jahad-e Daneshgahi. The managers at the company believe that they can woo customers with a home delivery service which is to liberate consumers from the chore of shopping in the city’s notoriously traffic-congested streets.

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