Dubizzle to go Arab-izzle?

If you live in Dubai and have ever thought of purchasing or selling a new/used item or just looking for a new place to move into, then you’ve probably checked out dubizzle.com. For those of you who are not familiar with Dubizzle, it’s a community website offering classifieds and forums for Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Starting out as a classified website for Dubai only, Dubizzle has quickly evolved to include the UAE’s capitol to establish its name and make it the leading community website in the UAE. Dubizzle is now planning on reaching more people in the UAE by tearing down the communication barrier they have been facing due to the diverse community and the large expat population.

Dubizzle plans to launch an Arabic portal and is reported to be in the final stages of testing. This will enable Arabic users to view the same listings entered in English – but with an Arabic interface (and vice-versa).

Translations are done with as much human effort as possible to avoid using too much machine translated content – a process that lacks complete accuracy.

So How is it done
Thanks to improved categories and “taxonomized” structure, users will no longer have to fill out long and tedious descriptions when placing a listing. Instead, specific questions with predefined options will be displayed depending on the item you are posting. For example, a person posting a camera for sale may be asked questions such as digital zoom level, color, brand, etc. This will allow users (where English might not be their first language) to better describe what they are wanting to list, in their own native tongue, while having that listing exposed to all languages.

The aim of this new Dubizzle is to create a better user experience for all parties. That means users who are posting items can now do it quicker, easier and have a larger market to target (with the addition of the Arabic site). Or if you are buying/enquiring about an item, getting the information you need will be quick, easy and specific.

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