Effective Measure in the Middle East is growing like grasshopper

While our website is tagged by Effective Measure for audience measurement, I met Dinesh Arasaratnam the commercial director of the platform the other day between his busy schedule traveling across the region introducing the platform to big and small players in the web industry. I asked him about the status of the platform in the Middle East and I’ve got you some insights.

Effective Measure, the Australian-based audience measurement platform is very much a platform that provides transparency and reliability for advertisers, online media planner, and web publishers in the region. For us, the platform is very much the intelligence dog that is helping us understand the demographics of our audience ( including YOU) to make our efforts more effective and efficient. This platform also allows advertisers to get a transparent penetration for relevant advertising opportunity.

In a deep penetration to the platform, we have taken the month of January as our first wave of report on our website. Talking about numbers, the platform collected:

  • 18.1 Million Unique Browsers (up from 16.7 million Unique Browsers in December)

  • 894 Million Page Views (up from 775 Million Page Views in December)

  • 58,000 Demographic profiles collected in January (through light survey)

  • 25% of people browsing sites on Effective Measure accessed the internet from work.

Effective Measure as platform is growing everyday (see chart above), this chart shows a drop of the grasshopper on Fridays, since Friday is an Islamic day-off – less content generation and less penetration. The percentage change in Unique Browsers for the month of January is +8.5% which is around 1.4 Million. Some of the leading regional portals that were tagged in January include:

In the next releases (waves) of Effective Measure monthly data, we are going to start analyzing these data in order to provide you with deeper findings on the user-behavior online and demographic change.

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Tarek is the founder and chief researcher at Youngberry, a youth research and marketing firm dedicated to the region. Tarek founded interactiveME.com and previously worked as Manager at Flip Media (Interactive Agency), Bayt.com (Job Site) and Consulting House Qatar (Consulting firm). He is researcher and writer on internet & disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, and youth culture.