Don’t have iPAD but wondering what they are doing with it [Report]

Basically the title was supposed to be “I know what you are doing with your iPAD”, but since only a handful people in the Middle East got their iPAD, I couldn’t title it for now. A report that covers over 2,385 exclusive iPAD apps tells you what they are doing with it and what more likely you will do as well if you had one. (iPhone app that are compatible with iPad were excluded in the analysis)

Top Categories of Apps:

Games: The largest category on the iPad is Games with 833 titles (35%), followed by Entertainment and Education with 260 and 205 titles, respectively. Despite the fact that Games is the biggest category of iPad apps, Games are more popular on the iPhone than on the iPad: 56% of applications in the Top Overall category on the iPhone are Games, compared to 32% on the iPad.

Productivity: News (6%) and Productivity (8%) applications however are significantly more popular on the iPad in these two categories. Interestingly, the four most popular paid applications are Productivity applications: Pages, Numbers and Keynote by Apple, Inc. and GoodReader for iPad by GoodiWare Ltd.

Price Range of Apps:

Overall: While 83% of applications on the iPad are paid, while only 73% of all applications are paid on the iPhone, the average price of all paid applications that are solely compatible with iPad is $3.61 compared to $3.55 for applications compatible with iPhone.

Category Differences: Medical applications are most expensive on both the iPad ($9.39) and iPhone ($10.73). Opposed to this, Education ($9.10), Healthcare & Fitness ($4.41), Music ($6.86) and Sports ($4.95) applications are significantly more expensive on the iPad. Books are currently cheaper on the iPad than on the iPhone which may be influenced by the iBookstore availability on the iPad.

This article is based on Distimo’s report on iPad

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