Genius idea: Scented online banner

A new great online banner concept has been implemented in Brazil and its worth mentioning it here even though its not really related to the MENA region.

Kaiak, the best selling men’s fragrance in Brazil decided to carry out an online marketing campaign and with the help of TBWA Brazil they came up with an ingenious new concept: a scented online banner! Yes a real scented online banner. The main reason behind this was that they didn’t just want to show the bottle they wanted consumers to get a real smell of the fragrance.

You can watch the video below:

SCENTED BANNER NATURA KAIAK from Black Mamba on Vimeo.

The results were staggering, 17.2% click through rate (43 times the global average) and 10,000 scented banners were distributed over a weekend. Although the idea needed extra hardware to be custom built, the end result was genius. This goes to show how digital marketing is evolving and new ideas are being generated that could one day fuse online and old traditional media in a complete new way.

Image: Pixomar /

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