Rise in the classified ads sales


The National has reported that all of Souq.com, Dubizzle and Bayt.com have seen a dramatic increase in revenue, proving that marketers are willing to pay for detailed information these portals are providing.

According to Souq.com’s chief executive and managing partner, Souq.com has seen a “10 to 15 per cent increase in advertising revenues per month” and is expecting that the advertising revenue to double by the end of the year.

Not to be outdone, Richard Pakenham Dubizzle.com’s sales director, said the site has seen a tenfold increase in monthly ad revenues since January 2009”.

Last but not least Bayt.com also reported an increase in advertising revenue of “14 to 15 times over a two-year period”, according to their head of commercial content.

The numbers are certainly impressive and these portals are surely doing something right. Marketers in the region should consider these sites due to their reach and highly targeted audience. And you can rest assured that with higher revenues these portals would be able to expand and develop new products that will be crucial for their and your brand’s survival.

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