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You may have noticed that Google has taken yet another stab at trying to revolutionize search! The new Google Instant search will provide you with suggestions as you type, for example typing in the letter “w” will automatically suggest the weather forecast in a dropdown menu and the page behind will suggest the page listings.

Google instant search

This process of searching as you type is intended to speed up the search process and cut down on the time you spending searching online. With Google instant search I have a feeling that people will no longer click on the search button since all listings are displayed as you type, you also will notice that the “I’m feeling lucky” button has been moved to the suggested drop down list. I wonder how any of this will affect SEO? And how this would be implemented in different languages such as Arabic, not sure if it could be as powerful as the english? let us know your thoughts below.

Remarkably Google has also launched their second TV add to showcase the powers of their instant search, and it is fitting that they used Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” (where the lyrics on the flash cards get typed into Google and create a stream of related results). You can watch the ad here.

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