Google pushing for more relevant Arabic content

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Google aims to gain from more people surfing the web, however for that to happen there has to be good content, and their latest initiative “Health Speaks” will aim to provide more useful Arabic, Hindi, and Swahili content online. They realize that useful and relevant Arabic content is very scarce online (although it is rising) but most of the Arabic online content now is mostly centered around fun and games, not too many content providers are covering serious topics.

This initiative encourages community-based translations of quality health information with the assistance of Google Translator Toolkit. As an incentive Google is donating local charities with funds based on the number of words volunteers translate. The volunteers will translate and localize chosen health articles from Wikipedia and publish them on to the Arabic Wikipedia site. This will help people to find and research information that could be otherwise expensive to find, and thus help encouraging more people to surf and contribute to the web, which in the long run will help Google increase their ad revenues and infiltrate new markets.

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