ikoo to revolutionize Arabic online advertising

ikoo (member of Jabbar Internet Group) the Middle East’s leading online advertising network is looking to make their text-based ads more relevant to users, and thus providing a smarter and more efficient advertising network.

After the recent merger with Kalimat, ikoo has quickly moved to develop a new service that targets users through keywords and places the most relevant ads to them, making it very effective and lucrative for marketers in the region. The system works like Google adwords except instead of placing ads based on the page overall subject, Kalimat takes into account the subject themes and serves ads to their most relevant category. Which enables them to serve a sport related ad on sport sites and so on. This system is more practical for ikoo to implement given their portfolio of over 11o sites.

ikoo is hoping to improve the quality of online advertising in the region with this new system, since most of the content is found in forums so the challenges of the Arabic language and dialects have been thought of resulting in a system that will provide advertisers with a practical, highly targeted and cost effective advertising channel to utilize.

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