Dubizzle redesign

Dubizzle Logo

Dubizzle has done it again, they are re-desinging the site in hope of making it even easier for users to buy and sell their items. The new design which is to go live on the 26th has a clear change to the homepage where all the categories and sub categories are listed clearly with the exact number of live ads in each of them. This should hopefully make searching for items quicker.

Also another big and important change is the search bar has been moved to the sidebar, which eliminates any confusion that may arise when you dig deeper into the site.

All these changes are being made to create a better user experience, and according to sources¬†at Dubizzle there has been extensive user testing going on to ensure that users on the site don’t get confused with the new changes and give them exactly what they are looking for. The better the user experience the more traffic, which is good since they are launching in 2 new countries Egypt and Saudi Arabia with more countries in the near future.

You can see a sneak peak of the new features in the design by clicking here.

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