Digitizing The Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri


Ok so this is not your typical post about Social Media however I feel it is relevant for the region.

The Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri a huge 500 year old hand written copy of the Koran is being digitized by the The John Rylands Library at the University of Manchester in England and funded by the Islamic Manuscript Association. The reason for digitizing it is simply because the Koran is to fragile to be put up on display and too big with pages that measure up to three feet by two feet to be studied so this way a digital copy can be circulated instead. The Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri is believed to have originated in Cairo from the library of Kansuh al-Ghuri, one of the last Mamluk Sultans of Egypt.

The project will take approximately 1000 pictures at a maximum resolution of 60.5 million pixels. The entire project is being blogged at The Gateway to the Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri

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