Report: Online spend in the MENA region negligible


A report prepared by Pan Arab Research Center (PARC) reveals the advertising spending in the region for 2010. Growth was positive in almost all the countries except the UAE where it dipped 3% this appears to be a good indicator that the UAE will go back into the positive in 2011 after dipping 26% in 2009 due to the real estate sector being hit in the recession.

Below are the main numbers published from the report, however I have to warn you that online was not included in the report and was deemed as negligible spend in the region compared to the traditional mediums. I have tried to contact someone from PARC to clarify this and get some answers on the numbers because some of the charts don’t make sense to me, for example it states that in many (of the top 10) countries in the region had outdoor ad spend of zero which can’t be true, can it? but I didn’t get any luck getting a hold of anybody.

Download the full report here.

Advertising Markets 2010:

USD 13.7 Billion – 24% up from 2009

Percentage change per country:

  1. Egypt               24%
  2. UAE                 -3%
  3. KSA                 6%
  4. Kuwait             11%
  5. Lebanon          16%
  6. Qatar               16%
  7. Oman              17%
  8. Jordan             1%
  9. Bahrain            37%
  10. other:               1%

Media Split:

Country \ Medium TV (%) Magazines (%) Newspapers (%)
Egypt 48 3 36
UAE 10 14 65
KSA 4 7 74
Kuwai 44 5 49
Lebanon 66 10 13
Qatar 1 5 80
Oman 9 3 89
Jordan 9 5 85
Bahrain 28 41 52
Other 41 13 37

Brands in the media:

# Top TV Spenders Top Newspaper Spenders Top Magazine Spenders
1 Zain Toyota Rolex
2 STC Chevrolet Cartier
3 Mobily Zain Home Center
4 Pepsi Nissan Chanel
5 Etisalat Egypt STC Mercedes
6 Waqfa Masrya Ca. Du Audi
7 Chevrolet Hyundai BMW
8 Dabur Pantene Dior
9 Pantene Mobinil Du
10 Head & Shoulders Ford Samsung

Top Total Spenders:

1 Zain
3 Mobily
4 Chevrolet
5 Pepsi
6 Etisalat Egypt
7 Mobinil
8 Waqfa Masrya Ca.
9 Dabur
10 Pantene

If you have more information on the report or any contact information to PARC, please leave a comment below.

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