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Avenue Social LogoEverybody by now knows the power of social media especially with the recent uprisings and demonstrations being organized on social media networks in the MENA region. However not all social media usage is political, brands are increasingly getting on the social media networks to engage with their consumers and create a new channel of communication with them. That’s why the US-based mobile app developer AvenueSocial has decided to expand into the Middle East, the company is planning to open offices in Dubai in March.

AvenueSocial is one of the world’s largest social media and Facebook application development houses, consisting of over 150 designers, Facebook developers, iPhone developers, iPhone game developers and other experts. AvenueSocial’s has presence in New York, San Francisco, London, Kuala Lumpur and soon in Dubai.

In order to get more insights into AvenueSocial, we at interactiveme, decided to get in touch with them and ask them a couple of questions:

What is Avenue Social, where did it come from?

Avenue Social is a social media agency developing applications for individuals, companies, brands and agencies for various social platforms. Some of the top platforms include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Mobile (iPhone, Android, iPad and Blackberry). We are established in the Silicon Valley and are in business since 2005.

Who are the main players?

CEO Salman Ghaznavi

COO Usman Ghaznavi

CMO Hakim Sadik

How long has it been operational?

We have been in business since 2005.

Where are they based?

We are based in the Bay Area, California.

How did it all start about?

We started as a web development company and evolved into a complete social media agency.

Were there any investors that helped raise the required funding necessary to carry out what you do?

No, we are privately funded.

What is their core product?

Facebook applications and Facebook Fan Pages.

How do you view the competition in the region? And how well positioned do you think Avenue Social is to deal with this competition?

There is very little competition in the Middle East at this point and we feel that as more companies get into this business it will expand the market. We are well positioned as currently we are one of the top application development companies in the US. Therefore, bringing that niche into this developing market gives us a good edge of upcoming competition.

Let us know your thoughts below on the future of social media in the MENA region.

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