Internet TV in the MENA region

Techstorm Middle East the Dubai based technology company dealing in New media technology helps create custom solutions for broadband internet, specifically in the field of video and audio services. Has teamed up with Silicon Valley based Verismo to provide the MENA region with the internet TV through a product called VuMax utilizing the feature rich platform VuNow developed by Verismo

VuMax will allow users to view internet content whether videos, photos directly on TV. It doesn’t stop there you can even access social media sites such as Facebook and your gmail account, which is perfect if you have nothing to hide from everybody in the room with you. The VuMax a relatively small receiver that connects to the internet requires a minimum 1MB connection for it to work, and best of all is operator independent which means you will not have to argue with Du or Etisalat (or place operator name here) on a regular basis. You can view images of the actual product here, they have 2 types of remotes one looks like a blackberry device which can be useful if you plan to surf the web on the VuMax.

Currently users can view online and user generated content as well as paid content offered from Yupp TV, Global Take Off New York, and Big Flix, a Bollywood movie on-demand service offered by India’s Reliance Group. Arabic content such as movies will be made available soon.

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