And you say social media doesn’t do any good!

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We, people in the MENA region, know how powerful social media is, just ask the ousted leaders and they’ll give you a better idea. Not just pulling down governments can happen like magic through social networks, finding missing people is just another social service it can provide. Well, 2 days ago a 16-year-old youngster by the name of Faisal went missing in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and it was the time to rescue.

But guess who came to the rescue, Twitter! (With the help of some good people of course) a hashtag #FaisalDH with an image and the family contact information was setup. Needless to say that tweets kept going until the 16-year-old Faisal was found, within 3 hours.

Now, you can see that some social good can be brought out through social networks but again these networks are just mediums or tools, the real heroes are the people who helped with the support of finding the missing person.

Let’s hope that none of us have to use twitter under this kind of circumstances and our warm “welcome-back” goes to Faisal.

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