BRKG: A New Guide to Venture Capital in the MENA Region

Just few minutes ago, our colleague Habib Haddad, founder of Yamli, shared a link on twitter about new fresh informative document that is much needed in the MENA region. This document was named: “A Guide to Venture Capital in the MENA Region” which could answer a lot of questions and turn down a lot of controversial wisdom.

This report is a collaborative effort between the MENA Private Equity Association, the VC Task-force Team (team members mentioned in the report) and industry professionals.

Just by reading the table of contents you’d understand that it’s a groundbreaking guide:

  • What is the Veeceepreneur Report?
  • Introduction
  • What is Venture Capital?
  • MENA VC Challenges & Opportunities
  • MENA VC Investment Process
  • Advice from MENA Veeceepreneurs
  • Stories & Examples
  • Snapshot of MENA VC Firms, Funding Opportunities & Support
  • Directory of MENA VC Firms
  • Useful Resources
  • Supporters


Guide to Venture Capital in the Middle East and North Africa

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