Cutting the internet was inappropriate!

During the Egyptian revolution the previous outed regime tried everything to curb momentum of the uprising that was spawned with the help of social media networks they even cut mobile and internet communications. Well The Cabinet of Ministers in Egypt described that decision as “inappropriate”. Not only that they even stated that such acts will not be allowed to happen in the future.

Of course there are rules and regulations according to what the government can and cannot do with regards to communication but apparently in the Egyptian telecommunication law there is an article that states “authorities can instruct service providers and mobile operators to cut their services in the case of any disaster or situation jeopardizing the national security of the country.” This article is going to be amended, to ensure that such events do not occur again.

But when things get out of hand and chaos takes over, will people still stick to these laws and articles? I mean in the state of crisis or national security these services can be disconnected, but then again it’s the government and authorities that decide that it is a state of crisis or not therefore I would believe that there has to be some sort of commission or board that should control, it seems like a tricky one and it would be interesting to see how the amendments to the article would take place.

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