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After almost a year ago I got an idea to start developing mobile applications targeting users from the MENA region, but I couldn’t quite get my head around an application that I would like to use I was leaning towards games (because I’m a big fan of all sorts of games) however one day I was chatting with a friend and he inspired me to develop an application that actually compliments an actual game instead of just being a game itself.

And almost a year later our first application is now live on the Apple appstore, it was developed by our partners in Jordan Yan Digital an online and digital agency with good background in developing iOS applications. Of course we still needed an entity to develop the apps under, where the idea generation and wireframing of the application would take place that’s where we came up with Apperji, a company dedicated to developing mobile applications for the MENA region. And their are plans for more engaging applications coming up from this partnership, lets hope it takes us less time to develop more applications from now on!

So the application is very simple and is made for card game lovers, Trix specifically. A popular card game played by many in the MENA region, being a regular player of the game it has a somewhat complicated scoring system so the application is not the actual game but a calculator to help players to keep track of the score without having to go through the hassle of adding scores and the beauty of it all is that it keeps a log of the history of all the games played to prove to your friends whose been winning.

The application is currently free, however there are plans to introduce another paid application with more features.

Below are some screenshots of the applications, or to get a better feel for it you can just download it (its free)!

Trix Calculator splash page screenshotTrix Calculator menu screenshot


Trix Calculator 2 name fields screenshotTrix Calculator 2 name fields screenshot

Trix Calculator score screenshotTrix Calculator adding LT score screenshot

Trix Calculator adding K score screenshotTrix Calculator adding Trix score screenshot

Trix Calculator adding Q score screenshotTrix Calculator adding D score screenshot

Trix Calculator score sheet screenshot

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Having worked with top digital agencies and companies in the MENA region for the past number of years I'm now looking now to venture on my own with small side projects in online, SaaS products. Things I like include: gaming, sports, technology, social media, start ups, funny things and reading about new bright ideas.

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