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bayt logo announced yesterday that it will be holding it’s virtual job fair between the April 24 – 28. Just like any job fair applicants and companies and meet and chitchat about vacancies, job opportunities and growth opportunities, unlike conventional job fairs they don’t have to be in the same place.

Bayt apparently held more the 15 previous virtual online job fairs I find that strange since this is the first time I hear about such an offering. The idea is very simple and actually quite neat, anybody with access to the internet can visit the virtual fair by logging onto the bayt website and they will see 3D booths of the companies along with relevant information about that specific company, not only that but some booths will have live online and video chatting with representative from that company.

Job seekers will have to the ability to drop their CV’s directly without having to create an account, although if you’re a job seeker my advice would be to create one anyways.

I think this is a very smart move (or was 15 virtual job fairs ago) by Bayt, because all parties involved are winners:

  1. Companies get to seek out talent and have a chance to promote their brand throughout the site at minimal cost
  2. Jobseekers will hopefully get leads to land jobs at no cost
  3. Bayt will attract new users to their site

That’s what I call a win win.

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  1. Virtual job fairs is a fantastic idea to expose candidates seeking employment globally to the look and feel of prospective employers without the unknown expense of travelling to the company . This approach to recruitment and candidate attraction is innovative and welcomed by all in the recruitment industry…..long may it continue

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