Democamp Amman Tomorrow

demo camp amman

Democamp Amman will be held at 7pm (8pm UAE time) tomorrow, and according to a press release there will be around 400 people attending the event from techies, investors and startup enthusiast. The six finalists that will be demoing were chosen from a total of over 35+ submissions so hopefully people who will attend will get a chance to see some innovative demos.

For the people who will not be able to travel to Amman to attend the democamp a post on the Democampamman facebook page wall stated that Aramram will be streaming the events live on their site so be sure to check that out.

democampamman Fb comment

They have been secretive about the demo’s that will be shown in the event even after a number of emails from my end and I couldn’t get anything. Obviously they want to raise the curiosity level so that people will show up to the event. And I think they’re doing a good job so far.

Also if for any reason you can’t catch the live streaming there is a list of bloggers that will be attending or at least tweeting about the event, who are:

Saud Alhawawi: Blog | Twitter

Samer Marzouq: Blog | Twitter

Osama Romoh: Blog | Twitter

Ali Alhasani: Blog | Twitter

Motea Alwan: Blog | Twitter

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