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I haven’t written about facebook for a while now so I think an article is overdue. There were some very interesting news about facebook and the MENA region last week mainly the biggest gaining countries on facebook for the month of April.

According to Inside Facebook Egypt is the 7th biggest gainer on Facebook in April gaining about 0.5 M users which translates into a rise of 8.3% which comes as part of a 3-month growth rate of 38%. Which actually makes Egypt the highest country to gain facebook users percentage wise in the month of April. You can see a screenshot below:

Facebook Top Gainers May 2011Another MENA related story also reported on Inside Facebook is the most growing pages for last week and check out who came up as number 1:

Most growing facebook pages may 10 2011

Omar bin al-Khattab (the historical and key Islamic leader) page grew by 718,508 users in just one week which is quite impressive. As of today the paeg has 729K+ likes. The reason for the rise is that the landing page is a customized message requesting users to like the page many times! Check out a screenshot of the landing page below:

omar bin alkhattab FB page screenshot

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