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On June 7-8 for the first time in the MENA a Government Social Media Conference will take place in Dubai, UAE at the Al Murooj Rotana Hotel. The conference is organized by The Business Council and after speaking with the conference manager Mr. Hijazi Natsheh he confirmed to us that this event will be the first of many with the possibility of it being occurring in different locations and not just in the UAE.

When we asked Mr. Hijazi why Government Social Media? Is there a need for such a conference in the region? He replied “After the recent partnership of the UAE e-government and Gartner Inc. to develop a guideline document for social media use by government entities. There is a clear need for this region especially in the UAE where social media network penetration is the highest in the MENA region, so you have the users on these networks but how do governments interact with them. And this is what this conference intends to answer.”

The conference has a long list of impressive speakers with extensive local knowledge, which is a big plus for this conference the examples and solutions will be provided by people from the region with insight into what works and what doesn’t.

The speakers include:

  1. Samir ElBahaie from Google
  2. Fadi Salem from The Dubai School of Government
  3. Yaser Al-Kharobi from the Rotana Media Group
  4. Ibrahim ElBadawi from the UAE e-Government
  5. Tariq Al Asiri from
  6. Rafah AlKhatib from
  7. Bassam Breish from Shankaboot
  8. Khaled El Ahmed SM Strategist
  9. Racha Mourtada from the Dubai School of Government
  10. Omar Hariz from SNSEO
  11. Nagi Saloum from N2V
  12. Haitham Masoud from N2V
  13. Baher Al Hakim from Cloudappers
  14. Camil Khoury from Ideas Group
  15. Ahmad Zahideh from Charisma Group
  16. Tarek Kassar Founder of Youngberry Agency (and
  17. Abed Agha from Vinelab
  18. Elias Dabbas from the Media Supermarket
  19. Omar Shroof from Tantum
  20. Hussein Hallak from The Content People
  21. Malik Shishtawi from SocialMyMedia

We at interactiveme will be present at the conference and will be covering the events live since we are blogging partners if you’d like to join our team to cover the conference you can contact us by email or on our facebook page. Also if you want to stay updated with all the latest news from the conference be sure to follow the Government Social Media Conference on twitter @GOVsmc and on their facebook page. There is also the #GOVsmc.


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