Red bull going Viral!

redbull viral campaign

redbull viral campaign


There are some funny videos flying around on the web and especially social networks titled I dare you not laugh, and they feature a professional driver scaring the life out of seemingly ordinary passengers with him. When I first saw it the red bull cap drew my attention, but I didn’t think of it much I thought it was some sort of red bull stunt.

But then I read an article on Youngeberry’s blog, stating that in fact there is a campaign going on targeting Arab youth and it is proving that it is going viral.  The videos are hilarious and the passenger’s reactions look natural which is why I think these videos are proving to be a success. You can watch all 4 videos on Youngberry’s post, In one of the videos they have an old lady in the car which I think is cruel and funny at the same time, but interesting to note that she actually handled the ride better than all the other people in the videos, especially the guys!

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