What is Social Media friendship all about?

Social Media meant to change our life, bring more individuality to conversations and improve our interactions and communications with a genuine intention to care about one another… It seems the original purpose is somehow lost somewhere along the way.

Most people pretend that they care about you and would help you, but they won’t even respond you when you need them; however after your death you become the dearest. This is the game people created and expect everyone plays it. If one doesn’t play this game, people would agree that the person lacks “interpersonal and intrapersonal skills”. If the person however can generate them money and word of mouth, they will surround the person, but wouldn’t necessarily care about the person. This is the worst feeling one could have, be surrounded by people, but feel lonely in heart. We need more real talks more than ever, in this day and age; let’s get real.

There are hard facts and evidence surrounded us that small talks won’t take anywhere, in fact they create more distance and barriers between people; simply because they aren’t real. We all know how to be real and why we need to be real. We sadly choose to play a game everyone else is playing; we want to be accepted as opposed to be wanted because who we are. Unfortunately the lifestyle many people around the world created for the rest of us cost the bests their lives; they choose to leave this world because they are tired of pretending.

Trey Pennington Last Tweet on 04 September 2011Trey Pennington was liked by many individuals on Twitter and he was invited to various seminars and conferences to give speech, but he committed suicide on 04 September 2011 in Greenville due to depression. It is said that Trey once even updated his Facebook by saying: One of the worst things about Social Media is we can be surrounded by so many and still feel completely alone.

The last tweet Trey sent on Twitter before taking his own life was really touching and was retweeted over 100 times; maybe just to say thank you to Trey? No one could read Trey’s mind that what he was about to do, maybe because not many on Twitter knew Trey on a personal level?

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Ehsan has been working in social media and digital PR since 2006. He is a keen blogger and has over 40 published articles. He has spoken about social media and digital branding at the British Chamber of Commerce, University of Westminster, University of Milan and numerous startup communities in Europe. Michigan State University and Miami University have referenced his work in their study of social media in 2012.

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  1. Trey's death is truly tragic, and should serve as a stark reminder to all insider and out of our community that depression is not a beast to be ignored. His social influence was large, so my hope is that many in danger will learn from his tragedy and get help before it's too late.

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